SW Wizzard


Denomination: 'SW Wizzard'
Botanical Name: Brassica napus
Applicant/Holder: Lantmännen SW Seed AB
Onsjövägen 13
SE-268 81
Breeder: Lantmännen SW Seed AB, Svalöv, Sweden
Agent in Canada: Bonis & Company Limited
P.O. Box 217
Lindsay, Ontario
K9V 5Z4
Tel: 705-324-0544
Application Date: 2003-04-30
Application Number: 03-3590
Grant of Rights Date: 2008-02-26
Certificate Number: 3150
Date rights surrendered: 2011-01-28

Variety Description

Varieties used for comparison: 'Defender' and 'Impulse'

Summary: 'SW Wizzard' has fewer leaf lobes than 'Defender' and 'Impulse'. The flowering time of 'SW Wizzard' is later than 'Defender'. 'SW Wizzard' has a longer beak than 'Impulse'. The pedicel of 'SW Wizzard' is shorter than 'Defender' and 'Impulse'.


PLANT: open pollinated, spring type, medium to tall at maturity

LEAF: dark green to blue green, few lobes present, rounded margin, shallow dentations

FLOWER: yellow

POD: medium length silique and beak, short pedicel, black seed

QUALITY: trace erucic acid levels, high glucosinolates

Origin & Breeding History: 'SW Wizzard' was developed by Svalöf Weibull, AB, Svalöv, Sweden from a cross made in 1995. Plant selection was made in the F2 for quality traits and blackleg tolerance. In subsequent generations pedigree selection was performed. One plant was finally selected and designated SW E5133. This line was tested for yield, oil content, glucosinolate content, stalk stiffness, blackleg tolerance and maturity.

Tests & Trials: Tests and trials for 'SW Wizzard' were conducted during the summers of 2004 and 2005 in Aberdeen, Saskatchewan. Plots consisted of 8 rows, 4 meters in length with a row spacing of 15 cm. There were 2 replicates arranged in a Random Complete Block Design.

Comparison tables for 'SW Wizzard' with reference varieties 'Defender' and 'Impulse'

Means are based on a two year average of 40 plant parts for cotyledon measurements, 30 for leaf and 60 for silique characteristics.

Days to flowering

  'SW Wizzard' 'Defender' 'Impulse'
mean 48.75 46.75 49.25

Beak length (mm)

  'SW Wizzard' 'Defender' 'Impulse'
mean 11.8 11.2 9.4
std. deviation 1.850 2.188 7.727

Pedicel length (mm)

  'SW Wizzard' 'Defender' 'Impulse'
mean 15.7 22.2 19.4
std. deviation 2.815 4.248 3.652

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SW Wizzard
Canola: 'SW Wizzard' (left) with reference varieties 'Impulse' (centre) and 'Defender' (right)

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