Denomination: 'Quantum'
Previously Proposed Denomination: '91-21864NA'
Botanical Name: Brassica napus
Applicant/Holder: Governors of the University of Alberta
TEC Edmonton, University of Alberta
4000 TEC Centre, 10230 Jasper Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta
T5J 4P6
Breeder: Gary R. Stringam, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta
Delbert F. Degenhardt, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta
Agent in Canada: Agricore United Crop Research
Westco site
11111 Barlow Trail South East
Calgary, Alberta
T2C 4M5
Tel: 403-216-0111
Application Date: 1994-04-18
Application Number: 94-365
Protective direction granted: 1994-04-18
Protective direction withdrawn: 1995-01-16
Grant of Rights Date: 1995-11-23
Certificate Number: 0204
Date rights surrendered: 2004-01-27
Date modified: