Denomination: '01C-J-6'
Trade name: Starlette Yellow Improved
Botanical Name: Calibrachoa
Applicant/Holder: Tokita Seed Co., Ltd.
1069 Nakagawa

Kirin Brewery Company, Limited
10-1 Shinkawa 2-chome
Tel: 81-3-5540-3411
Breeder: Tsutomu Tokita, Tokita Seed Co., Ltd., Saitama-ken, Japan
Agent in Canada: BioFlora Inc.
38723 Fingal Line
R.R. #1
St. Thomas, Ontario
N5P 3S5
Tel: 519-631-6241
Application Date: 2004-06-29
Application Number: 04-4286
Grant of Rights Date: 2006-10-06
Certificate Number: 2536
Date rights surrendered: 2011-11-01

Variety Description

Varieties used for comparison: 'KLEC03097' (MiniFamous Yellow) and 'Sunbelki' (Million Bells Yellow)

Summary: '01C-J-6' has a mounding growth habit while it is horizontal to spreading in 'KLEC03097'. The plant height of '01C-J-6' is taller than 'KLEC03097'. '01C-J-6' has thicker shoots than 'KLEC03097' and 'Sunbelki'. The anthocyanin colouration of the shoots of '01C-J-6' is stronger than in 'KLEC03097'. '01C-J-6' has a narrow acute shaped leaf apex while it is obtuse in 'KLEC03097' and 'Sunbelki'. The leaf colour of '01C-J-6' is a darker green than 'KLEC03097'. '01C-J-6' has a shorter sepal than 'Sunbelki'. '01C-J-6' has a darker yellow flower colour than 'KLEC03097' and 'Sunbelki'. The conspicuousness of the veins on the corolla lobe and inside the corolla tube of '01C-J-6' are stronger than 'KLEC03097'. '01C-J-6' has yellow brown veins on the corolla lobe while they are yellow in 'KLEC03097'. The shape of the corolla lobe apex in '01C-J-6' is cuspidate to rounded while it is emarginate in 'KLEC03097'.


'01C-J-6' is a tall calibrachoa variety with a mounding growth habit. The shoots are thick, and long to very long in length with weak to medium anthocyanin present. The leaves are dark green, elliptic in shape, with a narrow acute apex. There is no variegation present on the leaf blade. The sepals are rhombic in shape with no anthocyanin present. '01C-J-6' produces single, funnelform, yellow flowers. The corolla has medium lobing with weak to medium undulation of the margin and medium to strongly conspicuous yellow-brown mid veins. The corolla lobe apex is cuspidate to rounded. The inside of the corolla tube is yellow and has veins of medium to strong conspicuousness. Anther colour is yellow.

Origin & Breeding History: '01C-J-6' originated from a cross made in December 2000 in Shioya, Tochigi-ken, Japan between 'Sunbelki' as the female parent and the proprietary line 99-2-3 as the male parent. '01C-J-6' was selected in July 2001 based on distinctive flower colour and vein pattern, and semi-prostrate growth habit.

Tests & Trials: Tests and trials for '01C-J-6' were conducted in a polyhouse during the summer of 2005 in St. Thomas, Ontario. Trials included a total of 18 plants of each variety. Plants were grown from rooted cuttings transplanted into 25 cm baskets on May 27, 2005. Each basket contained 3 cuttings with a total of six baskets per variety. All colour characteristics were determined using the 2001 RHS colour chart and measured characteristics were based on ten plant measurements.

Comparison tables for '01C-J-6' with reference varieties 'KLEC03097' and 'Sunbelki'

Plant height (cm)

  '01C-J-6' 'KLEC03097' 'Sunbelki'
mean 25.2 12.1 23.8
std. deviation 3.43 2.95 1.94

Sepal length (mm)

  '01C-J-6' 'KLEC03097' 'Sunbelki'
mean 11.9 10.6 14.2
std. deviation 0.99 1.71 1.40

Corolla colour (RHS)

  '01C-J-6' 'KLEC03097' 'Sunbelki'
upper side 12B margin, 12A center 8C fading to 8D 8B-C
lower side 12D 8D 8D
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