Denomination: 'KLEC04087'
Trade name: MiniFamous Sun Pink
Botanical Name: Calibrachoa
Applicant/Holder: Klemm, Nils
Hanfäcker 10
Breeder: Nils Klemm, Stuttgart, Germany
Agent in Canada: BioFlora Inc.
38723 Fingal Line
R.R. #1
St. Thomas, Ontario
N5P 3S5
Tel: 519-631-6241
Application Date: 2004-06-22
Application Number: 04-4256
Grant of Rights Date: 2007-08-17
Certificate Number: 2853
Date rights surrendered: 2011-09-22

Variety Description

Variety used for comparison: 'USCALI11' (Superbells Pink)

Summary: 'KLEC04087' is a calibrachoa variety which has a similar flower colour to 'USCALI11' but the candidate variety has more conspicuous veins on the upper and lower sides of the corolla than the reference variety. 'KLEC04087' also has a more cascading plant growth habit and narrower plants than 'USCALI11', which has a horizontal to mounding growth habit. 'KLEC04087' has shorter, narrower leaves than 'USCALI11'.


PLANT: cascading growth habit, narrow width
SHOOT: very thin, short to medium length, no anthocyanin colouration
LEAF: short, narrow, elliptic, narrow acute apex, light to medium green

SEPAL: medium to long, lanceolate shape, no anthocyanin colouration
FLOWER: single, funnelform, medium to large diameter, medium length pedicel
COROLLA: weak to medium lobing, purple on upper side, blue pink on lower side, red purple veins, veins moderately to strongly conspicuous, medium undulation of margin
COROLLA TUBE: medium to long, yellow on inner side, weakly to moderately conspicuous veins
ANTHER: yellowish white before dehiscence, yellow after dehiscence

Origin & Breeding History: 'KLEC04087' was developed in Stuttgart, Germany. The new variety originated from a controlled cross made in 1997 between the proprietary seedlings J7 and J18. From this cross, the new variety designated 'KLEC04087' was selected in the summer of 1998, based on flower colour. The new variety was evaluated at greenhouse trials in Stuttgart from 1999 to 2004 and assessed for rooting, flowering and growth characteristics. Outdoor performance trials were conducted from 2000 to 2003 to assess outdoor performance, quality of flowers and resistance to weather and diseases.

Tests & Trials: The tests and trials for 'KLEC04087' were conducted in a polyhouse during the summer of 2006 in St. Thomas, Ontario. The trial included a total of 20 plants of each of the candidate and reference varieties. All plants were grown from rooted cuttings and transplanted into 25 cm baskets on April 20, 2006. Each basket contained 3 cuttings with a total of 7 baskets per variety. Observations and measurements were taken from 10 plants of each variety on June 29, 2006. All colour measurements were made using the RHS Colour Chart 2001.

Comparison tables for 'KLEC04087' with reference variety 'USCALI11'

Length of leaf blade (cm)

  'KLEC04087' 'USCALI11'
mean 2.7 4.0
std. deviation 0.33 0.34

Width of leaf blade (cm)

  'KLEC04087' 'USCALI11'
mean 0.8 1.3
std. deviation 0.15 0.15

Main colour of corolla lobe (RHS)

  'KLEC04087' 'USCALI11'
upper side N74B N74B
lower side lighter than 72D N74C

Colour of corolla tube (RHS)

  'KLEC04087' 'USCALI11'
inner side 7B 7A

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Calibrachoa: 'KLEC04087' (left) with reference variety 'USCALI11' (right)

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