Asian White Birch

Denomination: 'Jefpark'
Trade name: Parkland Pillar
Botanical Name: Betula platyphylla
Applicant/Holder: Jeffries Nurseries Ltd.
Box 402
Portage La Prairie, Manitoba
R1N 3B7
Breeder: Dwayne Beck, Parkland Nursery & Landscape Services Ltd., Red Deer, Alberta
Application Date: 2011-06-30
Application Number: 11-7318
Grant of Rights Date: 2013-05-14
Certificate Number: 4513
Grant of Rights Termination Date: 2031-05-14

Variety Description

Variety used for comparison: 'Fargo' ('Dakota Pinnacle')

Summary: The overall plant shape of 'Jefpark' is ellipsoid whereas it is conical on 'Fargo'. The plants of 'Jefpark' are taller and narrower than those of 'Fargo'. The branch angle of 'Jefpark' is less than 45 degrees whereas it is 45 degrees on 'Fargo'.


TREE: ellipsoid, upright growth habit, medium height, dense to very dense branching, branch angle less than 45 degrees, medium growth rate
SHOOT: grey brown, thin, no pubescence, angular in cross section, rough bark, strong glaucosity, very dense number of lenticels
BUD: large, green-brown, conical shape, pointed apex, no pubescence
SCALE: large, conical shape

LEAVES: simple, alternate arrangement, ovate, acuminate apex, obtuse base, serrate margin, no lobing, no pubescence, medium green on upper surface, no variegation
LOWER LEAF SURFACE: light green, no anthocyanin colouration of the veins, no pubescence
PETIOLE: weak anthocyanin colouration

FLOWER: monoecious, catkin inflorescence, terminal location only, no fragrance, flowers early
SEED: small, light brown when ripe

Origin & Breeding History: 'Jefpark' was discovered growing in a row of the variety 'Fargo' at Parkland Nurseries, Red Deer, Alberta in the summer of 2006. 'Jefpark' was selected for it dense, narrow columnar form. Asexual reproduction of the new selection was first carried out by tissue culture at DNA Gardens in Elnora, Alberta in the summer of 2006. The first 200 trees of 'Jefpark' were field planted for evaluation in the spring of 2010 at Jeffries Nurseries, Portage La Prairie, Manitoba.

Tests & Trials: The trials for 'Jefpark' were conducted at Jeffries Nurseries, Portage la Prairie, Manitoba during the summer of 2011. The trial included 10 plants of each variety, grown in the field for two years and potted in 7 gallon pots in April, 2011. Observations and measurements were taken from a minimum of 10 plants of each variety. All colour determinations were made using the 2007 Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Colour Chart.

Comparison tables for 'Jefpark' with reference variety 'Fargo'

Tree height (cm)

  'Jefpark' 'Fargo'
mean 255.4 180.2
std. deviation 29.07 10.63

Tree width (cm)

  'Jefpark' 'Fargo'
mean 40.1 63.6
std. deviation 5.36 7.32

Leaf blade length (cm)

  'Jefpark' 'Fargo'
mean 5.07 5.11
std. deviation 0.8 0.72

Leaf blade width (cm)

  'Jefpark' 'Fargo'
mean 4.12 3.77
std. deviation 0.72 0.53

Petiole length (cm)

  'Jefpark' 'Fargo'
mean 1.49 1.01
std. deviation 0.45 0.29

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Asian White Birch: 'Jefpark'

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Asian White Birch: 'Jefpark' (left) with reference variety 'Fargo' (right)

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