Denomination: 'Rosinette'
Botanical Name: Malus domestica
Applicant/Holder: La Pomme de Demain
2200 Chemin Principal
Saint-Joseph-du-Lac, Quebec
J0N 1M0
Breeder: Roland Joannin, Saint-Joseph-du-Lac, Quebec
Application Date: 2012-06-07
Application Number: 12-7624
Protective direction granted: 2012-06-07
Grant of Rights Date: 2014-08-29
Certificate Number: 4863
Grant of Rights Termination Date: 2032-08-29

Variety Description

Variety used for comparison: 'Royal Gala'

Summary: The one-year old shoots of 'Rosinette' are thick with reddish brown bark whereas the one-year old shoots of 'Royal Gala' are thin to medium thickness with medium brown bark. The internode length on the one-year old shoots of 'Rosinette' is longer than that of 'Royal Gala’. The leaf blades of 'Rosinette' are larger than those of 'Royal Gala'. The incisions of the leaf blade margin are biserrate for 'Rosinette' whereas the incisions of the leaf blade margin of 'Royal Gala' are single serrate type two. At the balloon stage, the petals of 'Rosinette' are dark pink whereas they are light pink for 'Royal Gala'. When pressed in a horizontal position, the flower diameter of 'Rosinette' is medium to large whereas the flower diameter of 'Royal Gala' is small. The stigma is positioned above the anthers in 'Rosinette' whereas the stigma is positioned below the anthers for 'Royal Gala'. The over colour on the mature fruit of 'Rosinette’ is pink red and covers a relative area that is medium in size whereas the over colour of 'Royal Gala’ is red and covers a relative area that is medium to large. The stalk of 'Rosinette’ is shorter than that of 'Royal Gala’. The fruit of 'Rosinette' is medium to large with a white to cream flesh whereas the fruit of 'Royal Gala' is small to medium in size with a cream to yellowish flesh. In transverse section, the aperture of the locules is slightly open for 'Rosinette' whereas the locules of 'Royal Gala’ are moderately open.


TREE: medium vigour, ramified, spreading growth habit, fruit bearing on spurs and long shoots, begins flowering mid-season
ONE-YEAR OLD SHOOT: thick, reddish brown on sunny side, medium density of pubescence on distal half, medium to many lenticels

LEAF: upward attitude in relation to shoot, medium to large length/width ratio, weak to medium green on upper side, biserrate margin, medium density of pubescence on lower side
PETIOLE: small to medium extent of anthocyanin colouration from base

FLOWER: dark pink at balloon stage, medium to large diameter when petals are pressed into horizontal position, petals not touching, stigma positioned above anthers

YOUNG FRUIT: absent to very small extent of anthocyanin over colour
FRUIT: medium to large, medium height/diameter ratio, conic to ovoid shape, no ribbing, moderate crowning at calyx end, medium sized eye, short sepals, intermediate or mid-season harvest and eating maturity
FRUIT SKIN: moderate bloom, absent or weak greasiness, whitish yellow ground colour, medium proportion of medium to dark pink red over colour, distribution of over colour is as a solid flush with weakly defined stripes; absent or small area of russetting located around stalk, eye basin and on cheeks; few small sized lenticels
STALK: medium thickness
STALK CAVITY: medium depth and width
EYE BASIN: narrow, shallow
FRUIT FLESH: firm, white to cream, slightly open aperture of locules in transverse section

Origin & Breeding History: 'Rosinette' (experimental designation Q300) is the result of an open pollination cross between the female parent 'NJ75’ and an unknown male parent that occurred in May 1993 and produced a seedling in the spring of 1994. This variety was originally selected in the fall of 2002 amongst the best hybrids in the Pomme de Demain plot at the Verger Josée and Jacques in St-Joseph-du-Lac, Quebec, and multiplied by grafts to dwarf trees. Variety selection was based on different criteria relating to the tree structure, the fruit storage properties and fruit taste.

Tests & Trials: The trials for 'Rosinette' were conducted during the summers of 2012 and 2013 at the Verger de la Montagne in Mont-Saint-Gregoire, Quebec. There were a minimum of 7 trees per variety. Spacing between trees within rows was approximately 1.7 metres for 'Rosinette' and 1.8 metres for 'Royal Gala'. The rows were spaced 4.2 metres apart. The candidate and reference varieties were grafted on Ottawa 3 rootstock and planted in 2006. Measured characteristics were based on 100 measurements taken from 5 trees or parts of trees (i.e. 20 observations from each of 5 trees).

Comparison tables for 'Rosinette' with reference variety 'Royal Gala'

Internode length on one-year old shoot (cm)

  'Rosinette' 'Royal Gala'
mean 3.50 2.80
std. deviation 0.59 0.66

Leaf blade width (cm)

  'Rosinette' 'Royal Gala'
mean 5.15 4.32
std. deviation 0.83 1.28

Fruit height (cm)

  'Rosinette' 'Royal Gala'
mean 6.26 5.78
std. deviation 0.50 0.40

Fruit diameter (cm)

  'Rosinette' 'Royal Gala'
mean 7.12 6.69
std. deviation 0.44 0.38

Stalk length (cm)

  'Rosinette' 'Royal Gala'
mean 2.24 2.83
std. deviation 0.44 0.49

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Apple: 'Rosinette' (right) with reference variety 'Royal Gala' (left)

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Apple: 'Rosinette' (below) with reference variety 'Royal Gala' (above)

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Apple: 'Rosinette' (left) with reference variety 'Royal Gala' (right)

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