Denomination: 'Okana'
Botanical Name: Malus
Applicant/Holder: Evans, David G.
317 Road 15
Oliver, British Columbia
V0H 1T1
Breeder: David G. Evans, Oliver, British Columbia
Application Date: 2011-07-28
Application Number: 11-7345
Grant of Rights Date: 2013-08-20
Certificate Number: 4610
Grant of Rights Termination Date: 2031-08-20

Variety Description

Variety used for comparison: 'Spartan'

Summary: The curvature of the main axis of the leaf of 'Okana' is medium to strong whereas it is very weak to weak on 'Spartan'. At balloon stage, the petals of 'Okana' are dark pink whereas they are light pink on 'Spartan'. Pressed in the horizontal position, the flower diameter of 'Okana' is small whereas it is medium sized on 'Spartan'. The extent of anthocyanin overcolour on the young fruit of 'Okana' is large whereas it is absent or very small on 'Spartan'. The relative area of overcolour on the mature fruit of 'Okana' is very large whereas it is medium size on 'Spartan'. The pattern of over colour on the fruit of 'Okana' is a solid flush only whereas 'Spartan' has a solid flush with weakly defined narrow stripes.


TREE: medium vigour, ramified, upright growth habit, fruit bearing on spurs only
ONE-YEAR OLD SHOOT: medium thickness, dark brown on sunny side, medium density of pubescence on distal half, medium number of lenticels

LEAF: outwards attitude in relation to shoot, small length/width ratio, medium green, serrate type one margin, medium pubescence on lower side, medium extent of anthocyanin colouration from base of petiole

FLOWER: begins flowering mid-season, dark pink in balloon stage, small diameter when petals are pressed into horizontal position, intermediate arrangement of petals, stigma positioned below anthers

YOUNG FRUIT: large extent of anthocyanin overcolour
FRUIT: medium size, small height/diameter ratio, conic shape, absent or weak ribbing, moderate crowning at calyx end, small eye, short sepal, late harvest maturity, mid-season to late time of eating maturity
FRUIT SKIN: strong bloom, absent or weak greasiness, whitish yellow ground colour, very large area of solid dark purple red over colour, absent or small area of russet around stalk attachment and on cheeks, few small lenticels
STALK: medium thickness, medium length
STALK CAVITY: medium depth and width
EYE BASIN: shallow, medium width
FRUIT FLESH: very firm, white, closed or slightly open aperture of locules

Origin & Breeding History: 'Okana' was discovered by the breeder as a single tree in an orchard of 'Spartan' near Oliver, British Columbia in March, 1998. The original tree was grafted onto Fuji which was grafted on M26 rootstock. Starting in 2005, over 900 trees of 'Okana' have been grafted onto M26 rootstock. 'Okana' was selected for its dark skin colour, sweet flavour and ease of harvest in that it only requires one picking per season.

Tests & Trials: The tests and trials for 'Okana' were conducted at the orchards of David Evans near Oliver, British Columbia during the summer of 2012. There were a minimum of 10 plants per variety, spaced approximately 3 metres apart in the rows and 3.6 metres between rows. Over 900 trees of the candidate variety have been grafted on M26 rootstock starting in 2005. Measured characteristics were based on 10 measurements of each variety.

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Apple: 'Okana' (left) with reference variety, 'Spartan' (right)

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