September Sentinel


Denomination: 'September Sentinel'
Botanical Name: Malus domestica
Applicant/Holder: Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada, Summerland
Pacific Agri-Food Research Centre
Highway 97
Summerland, British Columbia
V0H 1Z0
Breeder: David W. Lane, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada, Summerland, British Columbia
Agent in Canada: Summerland Varieties Corp. (SVC)
105-13677 Rosedale Avenue
Summerland, British Columbia
V0H 1Z5
Tel: 250-494-5164
Application Date: 2008-05-16
Application Number: 08-6340
Grant of Rights Date: 2010-02-15
Certificate Number: 3765
Grant of Rights Termination Date: 2028-02-15

Variety Description

Varieties used for comparison: 'Scarlett Sentinel' and 'Wijcik'

Summary: The one year old shoots of 'September Sentinel' are thinner and have more lenticels than 'Scarlett Sentinel' and 'Wijcik'. 'September Sentinel' has predominantly a dark pink colour of the flower at the balloon stage while it is light pink in the reference varieties. The fruit of 'September Sentinel' has a conic shape while it is globose in 'Scarlett Sentinel' and obloid in 'Wijcik'. 'September Sentinel' has a weaker bloom of the skin than 'Wijcik'. The ground colour of the fruit of 'September Sentinel' is yellow green while it is green in 'Wijcik'. 'September Sentinel' has a red hue of overcolour of the fruit while it is purple red in the reference varieties. The intensity of the over colour in 'September Sentinel' is weaker than in 'Wijcik'. 'September Sentinel' has larger lenticels of the fruit than 'Wijcik'. The aperture of the locules in transverse section of the fruit of 'September Sentinel' are fully opened while they are moderately opened in 'Scarlett Sentinel'.


TREE: weak to medium vigour, columnar, bearing on spurs
ONE-YEAR OLD SHOOT: medium thickness, medium brown colour on sunny side, dense pubescence, many lenticels

LEAF: outwards attitude in relation to shoot, medium to large length/width ratio, medium green intensity, biserrate margin on upper half, medium pubescence on lower side
PETIOLE: medium to large anthocyanin colouration at base

FLOWER: dark pink bud in balloon stage, medium diameter flower with petals pressed into horizontal position, overlapping arrangement of petals, stigma at the same level of anthers, early to mid-season beginning of flowering

FRUIT: medium size, small to medium height/diameter ratio, conic, absent or weak ribbing, moderate crowning at calyx end, mid-season harvest and eating maturity, medium length sepal, small to medium sized eye, aperture of locules in transverse section are fully opened
EYE BASIN: medium depth and width
STALK: thick to very thick
STALK CAVITY: medium to deep depth, medium width
FRUIT SKIN: moderate glaucosity, absent or very weak greasiness, yellow green ground colour, large area of solid red flush with weakly defined medium width stripes of medium red over colour, absent or small area of russet around stalk attachment, absent or small area of russet on cheeks and around eye basin, few to medium number of medium sized lenticels
FRUIT FLESH: firm, cream colour

Origin & Breeding History: 'September Sentinel' was derived from the cross 8H-09-01 x Co-op 27 using traditional breeding methods made at Pacific Agri-Food Research Centre, Summerland, British Columbia in 1989. The material from the seedling cross was propagated on Malling 26 rootstock in Summerland, British Columbia in 1994. The resulting tree was given the breeder reference # 11W-61-23. 4 propagations were made on Malling 26 rootstock in 1996 and planted in 1998 and further propagations being made on Malling 26 roostock in 1997 and planted in 1999. Evaluation on the selection began upon fruiting, with the selection criteria being fruit appearance, taste, flesh texture, tree quality, productivity and precocity.

Tests & Trials: Tests and trials were conducted during 2007-2008 at Pacific Agri-Food Research Centre, Summerland, British Columbia. There were 5 trees of each variety. Trees were planted 0.60 meters apart within the row with rows being spaced 4.5 meters apart. The trees were planted in 1996 on M26 rootstock.

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September Sentinel
Apple: 'September Sentinel' (left) with reference varieties 'Scarlett Sentinel' (centre) and 'Wijcik' (right)

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September Sentinel
Apple: 'September Sentinel' (bottom centre) with reference varieties 'Scarlett Sentinel' (top left) and 'Wijcik' (top right)

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