Denomination: 'SPA493'
Botanical Name: Malus domestica
Applicant/Holder: Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada, Summerland
Pacific Agri-Food Research Centre
Highway 97
Summerland, British Columbia
V0H 1Z0
Breeder: David W. Lane, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada, Summerland, British Columbia
Agent in Canada: Summerland Varieties Corp. (SVC)
105-13677 Rosedale Avenue
Summerland, British Columbia
V0H 1Z5
Tel: 250-494-5164
Application Date: 2005-04-25
Application Number: 05-4783
Grant of Rights Date: 2008-11-17
Certificate Number: 3391
Grant of Rights Termination Date: 2026-11-17

Variety Description

Varieties used for comparison: 'Royal Gala', 'Splendour', 'Ambrosia' and 'Fuji BC2'

Summary: 'SPA493' is an apple variety with a late to very late harvest date, maturing after 'Splendour', 'Ambrosia' and 'Royal Gala' and before 'Fuji BC2'. 'SPA493' has longer and wider leaves and flowers earlier than all the reference varieties. The fruit of 'SPA493' are medium in size, whereas 'Royal Gala' and 'Ambrosia' have large fruit and 'Splendour' and 'Fuji BC2' have very large fruit. The fruit of 'SPA493' are globose, compared to globose conical for 'Royal Gala', 'Splendour' and 'Ambrosia' and ellipsoid conical for 'Fuji BC2'. The fruit stalk is longer and thinner than the stalk of the reference varieties. The fruit has a yellow ground colour with high to very high amount of red blush overcolour. By comparison, 'Splendour' and 'Fuji BC2' have green yellow ground colour and 'Ambrosia' has a cream white ground colour. 'Fuji BC2' has a moderate amount of blushed and streaked red and dark red overcolour and 'Royal Gala' has a high amount of blush, streaked and flecked red overcolour.


TREE: weak to intermediate vigour, spreading habit
BRANCHES: medium frequency, intermediate strength, 90 degree angle to the trunk, predominance of bearing on spurs
ONE YEAR OLD SHOOTS: weak to medium pubescence on upper half, moderate shine of the bark, medium to strong flexibility, few small to medium sized lenticels, purple/brown on sunny side
LATERAL BUD: large, pointed tip, adpressed position relative to axis, small sized bud support

SHOOT TIP LEAF: concave shape in cross section, weak pubescence on upper side, green lower side, green growing tip
LEAF: no lobing, large to very large size, upward orientation, medium to large length/width ratio, cuspidate apex, serrate margin, weak glossiness on upper side, medium pubescence on lower side, strong anthocyanin colouration of veins, medium green upper side, weak intensity of anthocyanin colouration on upper side

FLOWER: medium to late bud burst, early to medium beginning of flowering, dark pink to light pink bud in full balloon stage, green pedicel, single type
PETAL: ovate shape, free margins, white to dark pink on upper and lower side

FRUIT: medium size, globose shape, symmetric side view, no ribbing, weak degree of crowning at distal end, good yield, late to very late maturity
EYE: aperture of eye opened, medium to large sized
SEPAL: persistent, medium length, touching to overlapping at base
EYE BASIN: deep, broad
STALK: thin to medium thickness, long
STALK CAVITY: medium depth, broad
FRUIT SKIN: smooth surface, no bloom, medium waxy, translucent, thin, yellow ground colour when mature, high to very high red blush overcolour, very low to low amount of russet on cheeks, small to medium sized slightly prominent lenticels
FRUIT FLESH: yellowish flesh, medium distinctness of core line, opened aperture of locules, medium to strong browning, firm to very firm, intermediate texture, juicy
SEED: dark brown, normal shape

Origin & Breeding History: 'SPA493' is the result of a cross between 'Splendour' and 'Gala' made in 1981 at the Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada Pacific Agri-Food Research Centre, in Summerland, British Columbia. The material from the seedling was propagated on M26 rootstock and a resulting tree was given the breeders reference number 8S-62-61. In 1992 evaluation began upon fruiting. Selection criteria included fruit appearance, taste, flesh texture, tree quality, productivity and precocity. Upon selection for further testing the selection was designated 'SPA493' in 1997.

Tests & Trials: Trials were conducted by Okanagan Plant Improvement Corporation during the summer and fall of 2004 at the Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada, Pacific Agri-Food Research Centre in Summerland, British Columbia. 'SPA493', 'Royal Gala', 'Ambrosia' and 'Fuji BC2' were grown on M9 rootstalks with 'Splendour' on M26 rootstalk.

Comparison tables for 'SPA493' with reference varieties 'Royal Gala', 'Splendour', 'Ambrosia' and 'Fuji BC2'

Leaf length (mm)

  'SPA493' 'Royal Gala' 'Splendour' 'Ambrosia' 'Fuji BC2'
mean 112.7 105.60 100.90 86.00 90.40
std. deviation 18.8 11.67 12.49 7.87 5.34

Leaf width (mm)

  'SPA493' 'Royal Gala' 'Splendour' 'Ambrosia' 'Fuji BC2'
mean 62.1 56.10 61.20 54.20 64.40
std. deviation 5.53 7.91 10.78 7.87 4.58

Petiole length (mm)

  'SPA493' 'Royal Gala' 'Splendour' 'Ambrosia' 'Fuji BC2'
mean 38.10 34.70 28.90 29.00 21.90
std. deviation 4.98 5.76 2.38 2.62 2.56

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Apple: 'SPA493' (top right) with reference varieties 'Splendour' (top left), 'Ambrosia' (top centre), 'Royal Gala' (bottom centre) and 'Fuji BC2' (bottom right)

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