Denomination: 'Fiero'
Botanical Name: Malus pumila
Applicant/Holder: Columbia & Okanagan Nursery
1700 North Wenatchee Avenue
Wenatchee, Washington
United States of America
Breeder: Myles Van Leuven, Kennewick, United States of America
Agent in Canada: Cassan Maclean
336 MacLaren Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K2P 0M6
Tel: 613-238-6404 ext. 223
Application Date: 1998-10-29
Application Number: 98-1518
Grant of Rights Date: 2008-02-13
Certificate Number: 3138
Exemption from compulsory licensing: Yes
Expiry date for exemption from compulsory licensing: 2010-02-13
Grant of Rights Termination Date: 2026-02-13

Variety Description

Varieties used for comparison: 'Fuji BC2' and 'Royal Gala'

Summary: 'Fiero' is an early maturing sport of 'Fuji' which matures approximately 4 to 6 weeks earlier than 'Fuji BC2'and 2 weeks earlier than 'Royal Gala' in the Okanagan valley. 'Fiero' differs from both reference varieties in the intensity and pattern of the fruit overcolour. 'Fiero' has dark red overcolour in a solid flush, whereas the overcolour of 'Royal Gala' and 'Fuji BC2' is a medium red with striping as well as flush patterns. The fruit of 'Fiero' also has a heavier bloom on the skin than either of the reference varieties.


TREE: medium to high vigour, upright to spreading habit, fruit bearing on spurs and long shoots
ONE-YEAR OLD SHOOT: thin to medium thickness, short to medium internode, medium pubescence, many lenticels, reddish brown on sunny side

MATURE LEAF: upwards orientation

FLOWER: single, light pink bud in balloon stage, overlapping petal margins

FRUIT: large size, conic to ellipsoid shape, asymmetric in side view, weak or no ribbing, weak to moderate crowning at calyx end, small to medium eye, early maturity
SEPAL: persistent, medium length
EYE BASIN: medium to deep, medium to broad in width
FRUIT STALK: medium thickness, medium length, deep and broad stalk cavity
FRUIT SKIN: strong bloom, weak greasiness, yellow green ground colour, large area of solid flush dark red overcolour, medium amount of russet on cheeks and in stalk cavity and eye basin, medium number of medium sized lenticels
FRUIT FLESH: greenish, moderate firmness, moderately open aperture of locules, intermediate texture, medium to high juiciness, strong browning tendency one hour after cutting

Origin & Breeding History: The variety 'Fiero' was discovered as a whole tree mutation in a block of an early 'Fuji' strain being grown in a cultivated area at the Broetje Orchards in Prescott, Washington. This single tree, planted in 1991, had an earlier tree maturity than other trees in the block of the same age. Plants of this new variety were produced under orchard practices at Broetje Orchards and observed at this location from 1992 to 1997. Plants were also produced and observed at Columbia and Okanagan Nursery, Wenatchee, Washington.

Tests & Trials: Trials for 'Fiero' were conducted at the Pacific Agri-Food Research Centre, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Summerland, B.C. from 2004 to 2006. The trials consisted of 12 trees of the candidate variety, 6 trees of 'Fuji BC2' and 14 trees of 'Royal Gala'. All trees were grafted on to M9 rootstock and planted in close proximity in Field 2 test blocks. The trees of 'Fiero' and 'Royal Gala' were planted in 1998 and the trees of 'Fuji BC2' were planted in 2000. Measured characteristics were based on a minimum of 10 measurements.

Comparison tables for 'Fiero' with reference varieties 'Fuji BC2' and 'Royal Gala'

Leaf length (mm)

  'Fiero' 'Fuji BC2' 'Royal Gala'
mean 85.2 85.4 113.3
std. deviation 5.5 8.7 19.4

Leaf width (mm)

  'Fiero' 'Fuji BC2' 'Royal Gala'
mean 55.8 57.3 64.6
std. deviation 7.0 7.6 14.6

Fruit height (mm)

  'Fiero' 'Fuji BC2' 'Royal Gala'
mean 81.7 73.6 73.3
std. deviation 4.3 2.1 3.5

Fruit diameter (mm)

  'Fiero' 'Fuji BC2' 'Royal Gala'
mean 85.3 82.4 81.2
std. deviation 3.6 2.2 3.7

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Apple: 'Fiero' (top left) with reference varieties 'Fuji BC2' (top right) and 'Royal Gala' (bottom centre)

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