Videos: livestock and poultry traceability in Canada

Discover how traceability is helping Canadian farmers, producers and industry track their animals from departure to destination. Traceability can help industry confirm accurate and timely information about their stock - keeping animals, the environment, and Canadians healthy and safe.

Brad Zantingh: Canadian pork industry broker

Brad Zantingh: Canadian pork industry broker

Duration: 1:20

Brad Zanthingh, a broker in the Canadian pork industry talks about the value of traceability on the supply chain from farm to fork.

Colleen Acres: Sheep produce

Colleen Acres: Sheep producer

Duration: 1:17

Colleen Acres is a sheep producer who believes traceability helps her easily and reliably track the health of her stock.

Patrick Burrage: Veterinarian

Dr. Patrick Burrage: Veterinarian

Duration: 1:51

Patrick Burrage, a veterinarian, discusses the value of animal traceability for disease control and containment.

Pascal Lemire: Farmer

Pascal Lemire: Farmer

Duration: 1:24

Pascal Lemire is a farmer who recognizes that traceability is not just to trace back for disease, but considers it a management tool.

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