Import Permit Application Form - Live Animals, Semen, Embryos, Animal Products and By-Products

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Application for Permit to Import (CFIA/ACIA 5083) - Before downloading the application for an Import Permit, please read the instructions under "How to fill out an Application for Permit to Import" to ensure that you have all the pertinent information.


The Application for Permit to Import is completed by the importer. Prior to completing the application, the importer should ensure that a permit is required for the commodity(ies) being imported. Please verify with the import office in the province you reside in or into which you will be importing the commodity(ies).

The completed application is faxed or mailed with payment to CFIA, Centre of Administration (CoA).

The Validation of an Animal Health Import Permit Prior to Importation of Animal Products or By-Products

How to fill out an Application for Permit to Import

Please refer to the following applicable addendum of the Application for specifics on completion and applicable fees:

Note: The import of animals, semen, embryos, products and by-products may also be subject to other Acts and Regulations within the CFIA. Also, other departments such as Environment Canada, Health Canada and provincial governments may have requirements in addition to the CFIA.

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