Enhancements to Horse Welfare in Canada

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The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is responsible for ensuring industry follows regulations and requirements relating to the humane transportation and slaughter of animals, including horses.

As part of the CFIA's commitment to animal welfare, over the past several years the Agency has taken a number of steps to enhance policies and regulations related to the human transportation and slaughter of horses in Canada.

Humane Transportation

  • Compromised Animal Policy has been updated to clarify expectations surrounding the transportation of animals that are ill, injured or otherwise unfit.
  • Proposed amendments to the Health of Animal Regulations are in development. These amendments will improve animal welfare during transport and harmonize Canada's practices with current international standards.
  • Information on humane transportation of horses is available online for industry's use.


Humane Slaughter


  • The Agency has become a member of the National Farm Animal Care Council to exchange advice and guidance with industry. The Agency has participated in, and continues to provide input to, specific committees dedicated to creating codes of practice for the care and handling of livestock, including horses.

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