Sanitary Requirements for Export of Pet Food to Taiwan
HA2790 (Amended 2017-08-22)

  1. The product has been manufactured in a plant approved and supervised by the competent authority.
  2. Importation of rendered ruminant-derived proteins and tallow with more than 0,15% of insoluble impurities from countries that are not recognized to be of negligible risk of BSE is prohibited in Canada.
  3. The manufacturing plant does not process any bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) risk material (Ruminant Meat and bone meal (MBM), greaves, tonsils and distal ileum, brain, eyes, spinal cord, skull and vertebral column from cattle of all ages) from Canada or any other country with a reported case of BSE.
  4. The above mentioned product does not contain BSE risk materials as defined above and does not contain bovine viscera, mechanically separated meat (MSM) from the skull and vertebral column from cattle over 30 months.
  5. In the case of pet food containing bovine raw material of Canadian origin, the raw material was obtained from animals that have been slaughtered in approved abattoirs and were subjected to ante and post-mortem inspection. The animals were not subjected to a stunning process, prior to slaughter, with a device injection compressed air or gas into the cranial cavity, nor to a pithing process.
  6. In the case of pet food containing bovine ingredients (except for gelatin, collagen, chondroitin, glucosamine, dicalcium phosphate and dairy products
    1. Description of bovine ingredient: space.
    2. Country of origin: space.
  7. In the case of sterilized products (hermetically-sealed containers), the above mentioned product has been heated to a minimum Fo value of 3.0.
  8. In the case of dry pet food, the product has been heat-treated during the manufacturing process and the core temperature reaches one of the following parameters to ensure the destruction or inactivation of relevant pathogens:
    • 70°C for 30 minutes or more, or
    • 80°C for 9 minutes or more, or
    • 90°C throughout the substance, or
    • 100°C for 1 minute or more.
  9. There has been no co-mingling of any ingredients with any BSE risk materials at any time.
  10. The above mentioned product was packed in new packaging material.
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