Sanitary requirements for export of poultry jerky to New Zealand (March 1, 2016)

1. PoultryFootnote 1 Jerky/Poultry Tenders/Poultry Strips that do not contain bovine ingredients from Canada may be given biosecurity clearance provided all of the following requirements are met:

  1. The product is shelf-stable.
  2. The product is commercially prepared, packaged, and labelled as pet food.
  3. The product is in its original sealed packaging on arrival.
  4. For commercial consignments, the product is accompanied by an original manufacturer’s declaration stating that:
    1. The product does not contain ingredients of bovine origin.
    2. The product has been cooked to a core temperature of minimum <enter one of the temperature figures from the table below> degrees Celsius for at least <enter a time which must not be less than that shown against the corresponding temperature in the table below> minutes.
      Temperature (°Celsius) Time (minutes)
      80 1880
      85 632
      90 213
      95 72
      100 24
      105 9
      110 3
      115 1
      120 0.5
    3. The product has not been coated with any further animal derived material following the cooking as outlined above.

Note: Private consignments (not exceeding 1 kg per passenger) may be given clearance without documentation.

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