Sanitary Requirements for Export of Pet Food to New Zealand
HA 2784 (Amended October 1, 2013)

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  1. The product does not contain bovine material except for milk and milk derivatives.
  2. In the case of dry product, the pet food product has been cooked to a core temperature of 90 °C*/80 °C for at least 1 minute* (*delete if not applicable).
  3. In the case of cooked petfood in hermetically sealed containers, the petfood product has been heated to a minimum Fo value of 3.0.
  4. The product is shelf-stable.
  5. The product is commercially packaged, sealed and labelled as petfood.
  6. The product is packaged intended for direct sale to the public.
  7. The product has undergone all precautions to avoid recontamination with pathogen agents after heat treatment.
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