Sanitary requirements for export of dry pet food containing animal products not of bovine origin to New Zealand (March 1, 2016)

1. Dehydrated complete diets, dehydrated pet supplements, pet biscuits and pelleted pet foods containing animal products that are NOT of bovine origin from any country may be given biosecurity clearance provided all of the following requirements are met:

  1. The product has been cooked by baking, or cooked during the process of extrusion
  2. The product is shelf-stable
  3. The product is commercially prepared, packaged, and labelled as pet food
  4. The product is in its original sealed packaging on arrival
  5. For commercial consignments, the product is accompanied by documentary evidence (a product description or manufacturer's declaration) that the product does not contain bovine materials and has been cooked.

2. In case the Pet food contains any honey, pollen or royal jelly in addition to the other animal product ingredients specified in this import health it must be accompanied by


(a) a manufacturer's declaration certifying that the product contains no more than 2% honey, pollen or royal jelly


(b) a permit to import.

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