Sanitary Requirements for Export of Pet Food to Guatemala - Non Ruminant
HA 2781 (Amended October 1, 2013)

  1. Canada is free of the following diseases according to OIE criteria: rinderpest, foot and mouth disease, contagious bovine pleuropneumonia, hog cholera, swine vesicular disease and African swine fever.
  2. The above mentioned product does not contain ruminant material, with the exception of milk and milk derivatives, gelatine and collagen (prepared from skins and hides), tallow containing less than 0.15% in weight of insoluble impurities.
  3. The raw material of poultry and/or pork origin were obtained from officially inspected slaughter houses and were slaughtered under standards existing in Canada, or have been legally imported from the USA.
  4. Dry, semi-moist and dehydrated pet food products were sufficiently processed to assure the destruction of harmful pathogens. In the case of pet food derived from poultry or poultry products, the pet food has been heat treated to ensure the destruction of the avian influenza virus, using the following method (check appropriate selection):
    • Box 70 °C for at least 30 minutes
    • Box 75 °C for at least 5 minutes
    • Box 80 °C for at least 1 minute
  5. The moisture content of the processed meat meal used in the pet food formulation does not exceed 12%.
  6. In the case of sterilized products (hermetically-sealed containers), the above mentioned product has been heated to a minimum Fo value of 3.0.
  7. The pet food described above can be sold without restriction in Canada.
  8. Appropriate controls are in place at the manufacturing and storage facilities to prevent contamination of eligible products with Specified Risk Material (SRM) and susceptible ruminant materials from a Non-BSE free country origin.
  9. The above mentioned product has undergone all precautions to avoid recontamination with pathogenic agents after treatment.
  10. The above mentioned product was packed in new packaging material.
  11. The pet food manufacturer keeps records of inventory for incoming materials of animal origin received and for finished pet food products dispatched.
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