Sanitary Requirements for Export of Pet Food to French Polynesia
HA 2779 (Amended October 1, 2013)

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  1. The product is of Canadian origin or has been legally imported into Canada from the USA.
  2. Were prepared and stored at a facility supervised and controlled by the competent authority.
  3. Contains no ingredients from bovine, ovine, caprine or any other animal species susceptible to bovine spongiform encephalopathy from any BSE-infested region or country. Products from ovine origin come from Australia and/or New Zealand.
  4. Were prepared exclusively using the following animal by products:
    • parts of slaughtered animals that are fit for human consumption under current Canadian law (Meat Inspection Act 1990), but are not intended for human consumption for commercial reasons;
    • parts of slaughtered animals that have been declared unfit for human consumption, but are free of any sign of disease that may be transmitted to humans or animals, and are derived from carcasses that were fit for human consumption under current Canadian law.
  5. Are produced with ingredients of animal origin that are from a country designated by the OIE as free of diseases of concern to the species OR the products have been subjected to a heat treatment(s) sufficient to inactivate the diseases of concern.
  6. Has been analyzed by random sampling of at least five samples taken during or after storage at the processing plant and complied with the following standards: on a basis of at least five (5) samples for each lot processed, selected at random during or after storage at the processing plant, and meeting the following standards:
    • Salmonella : Absence in 25g: n=5, c=0, m=0, M=0
    • Enterobacteriaceae : n=5, c=2, m=10, M=300 in 1g
  7. Has undergone all precautions to avoid recontamination with pathogenic agents after treatment.
  8. Has been packed in new packaging labelled "NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION".
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