Sanitary Requirements for Export of Processed Pet Food Other than Canned Pet Food for Export to China
HA 2756 Amended (2014-04-29)

  1. Canada is recognized as having a controlled Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) risk in accordance with chapter 11.5 of the Terrestrial Code of the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE)
  2. The pet food processing plant is approved and supervised by the authorized department of the country or region and has undergone establishment registration with AQSIQ
  3. The finished product does not contain and has not been contaminated during production, storage and transportation with ruminant material originating from Canada or any controlled BSE risk country, except for dairy products, tallow with less than 0.15% of insoluble impurities, and gelatin made from hides and skins
  4. In the case of non-ruminant animal raw material, the raw material are obtained from animals that have been slaughtered in an officially approved slaughter house and did not show any clinical signs of infectious diseases after having undergone ante and post-mortem inspections, did not originate from slaughtered animals that were slaughtered due to an epidemic outbreak and did not originate from dead animals. The finished product has been tested by PCR method and did not show evidence of ruminant material.
  5. In case of Ruminant raw materials, the materials originate from countries with negligible BSE risk and from AQSIQ registered establishments; are traceable; and are not cross contaminated with other ruminant products during production, storage and transportation.
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  6. In case of fish origin raw material, the raw material were derived from fish or other animals, caught in the open sea, except sea mammals and by-products from plants manufacturing fish products for human consumption
  7. In case of plant origin raw material, the plants do not contain genetically modified (GMO) ingredients which have not been approved by the Chinese competent authorities (CAs)
  8. The used additives are in compliance with the requirements laid down in relevant Chinese laws and regulations of food additives
  9. The processed pet food has been subjected to a heat treatment of a least 90 °C for 15 minutes, throughout its substances or has undergone other treatments approved by AQSIQ to effectively eliminate any pathogens
  10. The above mentioned product was packed in new packaging, on which it is clearly indicated that the content is destined for feeding to pets only, bear labels indicating 'Not for human consumption'.
  11. The product complies with relevant Chinese safety and hygiene standards for pet food and does not contain any toxic or hazardous substances which are harmful to animal health.
  12. The finished product has been analyzed by random sampling of at least five samples taken during or after storage at the processing plant and complied with the following standards: on a basis of at least five (5) samples for each lot processed, selected at random during or after storage at the processing plant, and meeting the following standards:
    • Salmonella: absence in 25 g: n = 5, c = 0, m = 0, M = 0
    • Enterobacteriaceae: n = 5, c = 2, m = 10, M = 300 in 1 g
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