Sanitary Requirements for Export of Pet Food to Chile
HA2822 (December 16, 2013)

  1. for complete foods or dry supplements (extruded or pelletized) and semi-moist supplements containing ingredients of animal origin :
    1. meat and bone meal of ruminant origin, originates from a country that is free of scrapie and is recognized by the OIE as being negligible risk for BSE according to the Terrestrial Animal Health Code;
      or/ the product does not contain meal made from meat and bone meal of ruminant origin.
    2. meat and bone meal of ruminant origin comes from an establishment authorized by SAG to export to Chile.
    3. SAG has authorized the export of the pet food products to Chile.
    4. the processed pet food has been heat treated to 90°C internal temperature.
    5. each production batch underwent the following microbiological analysis :
      Salmonella: absent in 25 grams, with n=5, c=0, m=0, M=0
      Enterobacteriaceae: n=5, c=2, m=10, M=300 in 1 gram

      n = number of samples.
      m = threshold number of bacteria; result is satisfactory if the number of bacteria in all samples is not greater than m.
      M = threshold number of bacteria; the result is unsatisfactory if the number of bacteria in one or more samples is greater than or equal to M.
      c = number of samples with bacterial count between m and M; the sample is acceptable if the bacterial count in other samples is less than or equal to m.
      Microbiological results must be included with the zoosanitary certificate.

    6. In the case of pet food containing ingredients of plant origin, total level of mycotoxins in the finished product does not exceed 10 ppb.
  2. for complete pet food or moist supplements in hermetically sealed containers containing ingredients of animal origin:
    1. comply with 1 a), b), c), and f) listed above.
    2. each production batch was heat treated to reach F0 > 3.
      or, each production batch was analyzed for botulinin toxin and the results are attached to the health certificate.
    3. the pet food containers are hermetically sealed to maintain sterility.
  3. dehydrated products derived from animal by-products:
    1. comply with 1 a), b), c), and f) listed above, except for products made from cowhide, in which case they comply with 1 c) and f).
    2. the products were heat treated to reach 90°C internal temperature.
    3. each production batch was tested for Salmonella and results were negative in a 25 grams sample (n=5, c=0, m=0, M=0). The result is attached to the zoosanitary certificate.
  4. Complete pet food or supplements that do not contain ingredients of animal origin do not exceed 10 ppb mycotoxins.
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