Sanitary Requirements for Export of Pet Food to Brazil
HA2783 (May 1, 2013)

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  1. The product does not contain ruminant ingredients, except:
    • milk and milk products milk derivatives, gelatin, collagen (prepared from hides and skins) and tallow with a maximum of 0.15% (by weight) of insoluble impurities, and/or
    • ruminant ingredients legally imported from BSE negligible risk countries and which were processed in a way to prevent any contact with raw material originating from countries with a different health status.
  2. In the case of dry, and semi-moist pet food, the product was processed to ensure the destruction of harmful pathogens.
  3. In the case of sterilized food (hermetically sealed), the product was thermally processed to achieve a value Fo of at least 3.0.
  4. Appropriate control measures and storage to prevent contamination with specified risk material (SRM) were implemented in the manufacturing facilities.
  5. The product was handled to prevent re-contamination with pathogens after treatment.
  6. The product was packaged with new materials.
  7. The processing plant complies with requirements of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).
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