Sanitary Requirements for Export of Cervid Antler Velvet from Canada to Vietnam
HA 2727 (October 31, 2012)

  1. The antler velvet described above was derived from animals bred and reared in Canada.
  2. Canada is free of Foot and Mouth Disease, Vesicular Stomatitis and Rinderpest.
  3. The antler velvet originated from animals that come from a country or zone free from brucellosis and tuberculosis as defined in article 11.3.2 and 11.7.2 of the Terrestrial Animal Health Code of the OIE.
  4. The antler velvet is clean, has not been treated with chemical preservatives or other substances injurious to health, was derived from animals that have been found healthy and free from clinical evidence of infectious disease at the farm.
  5. The antler velvet was handled and packed hygienically.
  6. The antler velvet is considered fit for human consumption.
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