Sanitary Requirements for Export of Porcine Spray Dried Animal Protein for Use in Animal Feed as Feeding Additive to the Ukraine
HA 2105 (Amended April 30, 2010)

  1. Protein is processed from fresh raw materials derived from animals which originate from administrative territories that are free from foot-and-mouth disease, rinderpest, classical swine fever and African swine fever for the last 3 years in the country.
  2. The certified materials were manufactured in enterprises that have been approved and supervised by the CFIA to produce spray dried feed of animal origin for export to Ukraine.
  3. The certified products were produced by spray drying in a way that the ingredients have been subject to heat treatment of at least 80°C throughout their substance.
  4. Prior to dispatch, random samples of the final product have been tested in third party laboratories either in Canada or the USA and have been found to comply with the following requirements:
    1. Salmonella absence in 25 g, n=5, c=0, m=0, M.
    2. Enterobacteriaceae n=5, c=2, m=10, M=3x10┬▓ in 1 g.
  5. No raw material containing ruminant proteins was used for the production of the exported product.
  6. The exporting product was packed in new packaging material, or, in the case of dispatch as bulk transport, the container or any other means of transport were thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with a disinfectant approved by the competent authority.
  7. The exported product was stored in closed stores only.
  8. The exported product has undergone all precautions to avoid recontamination after heat treatment.
  9. Packing materials provide safety of the product under adequate treatment (storage, transporting), are used for the first time and satisfy necessary hygienic requirements.
  10. Means of transport are treated and prepared in accordance with rules approved in the exporting country.
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