Sanitary Requirements for Export of Poultry Meal from Canada to Taiwan
HA 2437 (Amended 2015-05-22)

  1. The poultry meal is derived from raw material originated from a country/zoneFootnote 1 free from Notifiable Avian influenza and Newcastle disease.
  2. The poultry meal was processed at the above mentioned processing plant which is under the supervision of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).
  3. The production facility does not handle any ruminant origin materials.
  4. The poultry meal is derived from raw material obtained from animals which have been slaughtered in a CFIA approved slaughterhouse, passed the ante mortem inspection and were presented for post mortem inspection by the CFIA, or, is derived from animals that were found dead due to non reportable diseases related causes on arrival at the slaughterhouse.
  5. The poultry raw material has been transported in dedicated vehicles.
  6. The poultry meal has been handled in such a way as to prevent contamination with pathogenic micro-organisms or any other animal origin materials.
  7. No material of ruminant origin is included in the processing of the poultry meal.
  8. The poultry meal has been packaged with new packaging materials.
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