Sanitary Requirements for the exportation of game trophies to the Republic of South Africa HA2908 (2016-02-18)

  1. All trophies are from Canadian origin.
  2. The trophies come from a Competent Authority approved taxidermy or facility.
  3. In case of game trophies consisting solely of hides and skins, the hides and skins have been dry-salted or wet salted for at least 14 days prior to dispatch.
  4. In the case of game trophies consisting solely of bones, horns, hooves, claws, antlers or teeth, they all have been boiled for an appropriate time to ensure that all flesh and meat is removed.
  5. In case where skins and trophies may be contaminated with B anthracis spores they must be disinfected by fumigation with ethylene oxide 500 mg/liter, at relatively humidity of 20-40% at 55°C for 30 minutes OR fumigation with formaldehyde 400 mg/m3 at relative humidity of 30%, at > 15°C for 4 hours OR gamma irradiation with a dose of 40 kilogray.
  6. The trophies originate from an area, which is not under any official restrictions by the Competent Authority of the exporting country for any disease to which the animals of origin are susceptible.
  7. The trophies have not been exposed to contamination after treatment.
  8. The trophies have been individually wrapped in transparent packaging.
  9. The containers were sealed under official supervision.
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