Sanitary requirements for export of gelatin & collagen from Canada to Korea
HA 2733 (November 15, 2012)

  1. Canada is free of Foot and Mouth Disease, Vesicular Stomatitis and Rinderpest.
  2. The product was derived exclusively from hides and skins of animals that did not show as a result of the ante mortem inspection any clinical signs of reportable animal disease and that were presented to post mortem inspection.
  3. The product derived from hides and skins that were obtained, stored and transported in such manner as to prevent contamination by specified risk materials (SRM).
  4. ln case of collagen:
    • The raw material was subjected to a treatment involving washing, pH adjustment using acid or alkali followed by one or more rinses, filtration and extrusion; or equivalent.
  5. ln case of gelatin:
    • The raw material was subjected to an acid or alkali treatment, one or more rinses and followed by pH adjustment. Gelatin is extracted by one or more continuous heating, followed purification by means of filtration and sterilization.
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