Sanitary requirements for export of treated hides and skins of ruminants and equidae that are intended for dispatch to or for transit through the European Union and have been kept separate for 21 days or will undergo transport for 21 days before importation
HA 2002 (Amended November 01, 2011)

II. Health information

II.1. have been obtained from animals that:

  • either [-were slaughtered and their carcases are fit for human consumption in accordance with Union legislation;]
  • or [-were slaughtered in a slaughterhouse, after undergoing ante-mortem inspection, and were considered fit, as a result of such inspection, for slaughter for human consumption in accordance with Union legislation;]
  • or [-did not show any clinical signs of any disease communicable to humans or animals through the hide or skin, and were not killed to eradicate any epizootic disease;]

II.2. have been:

  • either [-dried;]
  • or [-dry-salted or wet-salted for at least 14 days prior to dispatch;]
  • or [-salted for seven days in sea salt with the addition of 2 % of sodium carbonate;]

II.3. have not been in contact with other animal products or with live animals presenting a risk or spreading a serious transmissible disease;

either [II.4. have been kept separate immediately before dispatch for 21 days under official supervision after the treatment described under point II.2.]

or [II.4. following the declaration of the transporter, the duration of the transport period is foreseen to be at least 21 days.]

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