Sanitary requirements for export of furs from Canada to China
HA 2900 (2015-09-30)

  1. The exported products originate from a country free from foot-and-mouth disease and where Antrax is not prevalent for the six (6) months prior to export. Vaccination against these diseases is prohibited in Canada.
  2. The exported products:
    1. originate from animals that were:
      checkbox raised in Canada.
      checkbox hunted/trapped in Canada.
    2. Or

    3. were legally imported into Canada from space to insert name
  3. The exported products have been:


    checkbox Dried at a minimum temperature of space to insert name °C for a minimum of time of space to insert name/

    Or checkbox were dry-salted or wet-salted on the following date space to insert name and the duration of transport will be such that they will have undergone a minimum of 14 days of salting before they reach the importing country.

  4. The products were obtained, processed, stored and transported in such a manner as to prevent contamination by communicable animal disease.
  5. The products are shipped using new packaging material.
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