Statement: Update on the Bovine Tuberculosis (TB) Investigation – Alberta and Saskatchewan (2016-11-28)

Based on an assessment of the situation in the affected premises we have classified 12 of the premises under quarantine as part of the expanded herd. As of today, there is a total of eighteen premises.

The 12 premises include cattle that spent time co-mingling with the infected herd and are considered at risk for transmission of Bovine TB.

To date there remains six confirmed cases of bovine TB. This number includes the cow that was confirmed to have the disease when it was slaughtered in the United States.

Through ongoing epidemiological analysis we have determined the degree of contact poses the same risk for all animals with exposure to the 6 confirmed cases, so we are taking similar control actions. This is to be expected.

Nearly all the cattle from these eighteen premises have been tested, and the removal and humane destruction of all animals on these premises is continuing.

These additional cases bring the total number of premises under quarantine and movement controls to over 40. Most of these premises are located in Alberta, with no more than five in Saskatchewan. These numbers will continue to change as the investigation continues.

As of today, the total number of animals quarantined by this investigation is over 22,000.

We have notified the producers at the additional infected premises.

In all cases where bovine TB is suspected or confirmed, the goal is to minimize disruptions to producers, while respecting Canada's domestic and international obligations to take appropriate and prudent control measures. These measures are critical for protecting the health of Canadian livestock and maintaining market access for Canadian beef producers.

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