Dichlorvos - MIB #65

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Date Revised: 2005-08

Approved Brands

  1. ATGARD C Swine Wormer contains dichlorvos 9.6% (Boehringer Ingelheim (Canada) Ltd.)

Approved for use

In meal or crumble feed (after the crumbles have been manufactured) for pigs, boars, open or bred gilts and sows.

Approved claims

For swine - Claim 1

Claim 1: For the removal and control of mature, immature and/or 4th stage larvae of the whipworm (Trichuris suis), nodular worm (Oesophagostomum spp.) and large round worm (Ascaris suum) occurring in the intestinal tract of pigs, boars, open or bred gilts and sows.

Level of Drug:

i 384 mg/kg (0.0384%) of complete feed for growing swine, 384 mg/kg (0.0384%) or 528 mg/kg (0.0528%) in complete feed for boars, open or bred gilts and sows.


a) Offer the complete medicated feed as the only feed for two consecutive days. After the allotted feed has been consumed, resume regular rations. Use according to schedule below:
Swine weight
kg to be fed in two days
Growing Swine 11 1.4
Growing Swine 14 1.8
Growing Swine 16 2.3
Growing Swine 18 2.5
Growing Swine 20 2.7
Growing Swine 23 3.0
Growing Swine 27 3.4
Growing Swine 32 3.8
over 32 3.8
Sows, boars, gilts 32 3.8

ii 528 mg/kg (0.0528%) of complete feed for growing swine from 32 kg (70 lbs.) to market weight, boars, open or bred gilts and sows.


Feed as sole ration at the rate of 2.7 kg per head for one feeding. After the allotted feed has been consumed, resume feeding regular rations.


Provide ample feeding space so that animals have a chance to consume their share of dewormer.

To secure maximum parasite control from feeding this medicated feed, deworm animals when scours and/or diarrhea are under control.

Consult your veterinarian for assistance in the diagnosis, treatment and control of parasitism.


  1. Treated animals must not be slaughtered for use in food at least (14) days after the latest treatment with this medicated feed.
  2. Avoid contact with skin. Dichlorvos is a cholinesterase inhibitor. If human or animal poisoning should occur immediately consult a physician or a veterinarian. Atropine is antidotal.
  3. Keep out of reach of children.


  1. Do not use in animals other than swine.
  2. Do not mix in feeds to be pelleted or with pelleted feed (require only on premix and supplement labels).
  3. Do not allow fowl access to this feed or to feces from treated animals.
  4. Do not soak feed or feed as wet mash. Feed must be fed dry.
  5. Dichlorvos is a cholinesterase inhibitor. Do not use this product in animals simultaneously or within seven days before or after treatment with, or exposed to, cholinesterase-inhibiting drugs, pesticides or chemicals.
  6. Do not reuse any of the containers or container materials used in packaging the medicated feed product. All packaging materials must be destroyed after the medicated feed product has been used.

Accepted Compatibilities


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