Chlortetracycline hydrochloride and sulfamethazine - MIB #49

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Date Revised: 2014-06

Approved Brands

  1. Aureo S-700 G Premix contains:
    1. chlortetracycline hydrochloride, as chlortetracycline calcium complex, at 77 g/kg
    2. sulfamethazine at 77 g/kg (Zoetis Canada Inc.)
  2. Chlor S-700 contains:
    1. chlortetracycline hydrochloride at 77 g/kg
    2. sulfamethazine at 77 g/kg (Bio Agri Mix LP)

Approved for use

In meal or pellet feed for beef cattle.

Approved claims

For beef cattle - Claim 1

Claim 1: As an aid in the maintenance of weight gains and feed efficiency in cattle during periods of stress, due to weaning, shipping or handling.

Level of Drug:

  1. Chlortetracycline hydrochloride - 350 mg/head/day, and
  2. Sulfamethazine - 350 mg/head/day.


  1. Discontinue the use of this medicated feed at least 10 days before slaughter.


  1. Feed only for the first 4 weeks after cattle enter feedlot. It is not recommended that this medicated feed be introduced after cattle are on a grain feeding program.

Accepted Compatibilities


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