Penicillin from Procaine Penicillin - MIB #10.7

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Approved Brands

  1. PEN-P 110 contains penicillin at 66.2 g/kg (Bio Agri Mix LP)
  2. PROMED 110 contains penicillin at 66.2 g/kg (Bio Agri Mix LP)
  3. PROMED 1000 contains penicillin at 601.8 g/kg (Bio Agri Mix LP)

Approved for use

In meal or pellet feed for chickens (starter, grower, finisher).

Approved claims

For chickens - Claim 1.

Claim 1: For growth promotion.

Level of Drug:

2.2 mg/kg (0.00022%) of penicillin in the complete feed.


Feed this medicated feed as the sole ration.


Keep out of reach of children (required on premis and supplement labels only).

Accepted Compatibilities

Penicillin from procaine penicillin is compatible with the following drug/drug combinations. For details refer to the MIB as indicated.
Medicated ingredients For use in feed for
Amprolium (MIB #27) broiler chickens; replacement chickens
Clopidol (MIB #45) broiler chickens
Piperazine (MIB #19) broiler chickens; replacement chickens
Zoalene (MIB #7) broiler chickens; replacement chickens
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