Reference Listing of Accepted Construction Materials, Packaging Materials and Non-Food Chemical Products

Using the Reference Listing Database

Last Update: 2017/05/09

Note: The office is closed. The CFIA no longer pre-approves construction materials, packaging materials, non-food chemicals and working apparel. The reference listing continues to be available on the CFIA website as a reference only. As the list is no longer maintained, it is up to users to verify the accuracy of the information with manufacturers. Learn more about the information on repealing the requirements for pre-market registration.
Barrier Creams:
  • For use in food areas    (a1)
  • For use in non-food areas    (a2)
Boiler Water Treatment Compounds (not for food process water):
  • Boiler water treatment compounds where the treated water or the steam produced may come in contact with food products    (w1)
  • Boiler water treatment compounds where the treated water or the steam produced will not come in contact with food products    (w2)
  • General cleaners    (c1)
  • Hand cleaners    (c2)
  • Cleaners/Defoamers for washing fruits and vegetables    (c3)
  • Non-food handling areas    (c4)
  • Cleaners for personal hygiene    (c5)
  • Drain cleaners    (c6)
Coatings for Construction:
  • Coating for walls and ceilings    (d1)
  • Coating for floors    (d2)
  • Coating for structural members    (d3)
  • Internal tank coatings for food or potable water contact    (d4)
  • Sealants for minimal or incidental food contact    (d5)
  • Coating for direct food contact    (d6)
Collection, storage and processing of maple products:
  • Tubing, Piping, Spouts and Fittings for Maple Sap    (pp1)
  • Storage and Holding Tanks    (pp2)
  • Filters and Filtering Agents    (pp3)
  • Products for the Treatment of Tap Holes    (pp4)
  • Cleaners    (pp5)
  • Sanitizers    (pp6)
Construction Material General:
  • Construction materials for walls    (e1)
  • Construction materials for floors    (e2)
  • Construction materials for ceilings    (e3)
  • Construction materials for structural members    (e4)
  • Insulation construction materials    (e5)
  • Wall and ceiling panel    (e6)
  • Pipe coverings    (e7)
  • Other construction material for non-food contact    (e8)
Construction Prefabricated Units:
  • Prefabricated sandwich wall panels    (f1)
  • Prefabricated sandwich ceiling panels    (f2)
  • Doors which will have incidental/accidental food contact    (f3)
  • Doors or curtains, through which only packaged protected products pass    (f4)
  • Suspended ceiling panels system    (f5)
Containers for Food:
  • In plant containers for food contact    (h1)
  • In plant containers for non-food contact    (h2)
  • Disposable shipping containers/single use for food contact    (h3)
  • Disposal shipping containers/ single use for non-food contact    (h4)
  • Reusable shipping containers for food contact    (h5)
  • Reusable shipping containers for non-food contact    (h6)
Decharacterizing Agents:
  • Red meat    (i1)
  • White meat    (i2)
Denaturing Agents:
  • Red meat    (i1)
  • White meat    (i2)
  • Food handling environment    (k1)
  • Non-food handling environment    (k2)
  • General use disinfectants    (L1)
  • Disinfectants - poultry crates, livestock trucks    (L2)
  • Hand disinfectants    (L3)
Egg Treatment Compounds:
  • Shell egg cleaning compound    (LL1)
  • Shell egg sanitizing compound    (LL2)
  • Foam control compound    (LL3)
  • Egg shell markings inks    (LL4)
  • Oil treatment products for shell eggs    (LL5)
  • Meat marking/printing inks for food contact    (o1)
  • Printing inks for non-food contact    (o2)
  • Incidental Food Contact    (n)
  • General    (n1)
  • Hydraulic Oil    (n2)
  • Protective Oil    (n3)
Maintenance Aid Products:
  • Floor Drying Compounds    (p1)
  • Industrial Anti-Freeze    (p2)
  • General    (p3)
Microbial Control Agents for Use in Food Process Water:
  • For poultry carcass wash/chillers    (z1)
  • For red meat carcass wash    (z3)
  • For fruit & vegetable wash    (z4)
  • For fruit & vegetable flume water    (z5)
  • For fish products    (z6)
  • For can cooling water    (z7)
  • Miscellaneous    (g)
Packaging Materials:
  • Food contact    (q1)
  • Non-food contact    (q2)
  • Casing printed    (q3)
  • Casing unprinted    (q4)
  • Coatings, adhesives with food contact    (q5)
  • Coatings, adhesives with non-food contact    (q6)
  • Gas for modified atmosphere packaging    (q7)
  • Maximum temperature stated on the label    (q8)
  • Food additive statement to appear on the label    (q9)
Processing Aids:
  • Bleaches/scalding compounds    (s1)
  • Desiccants for use in food handling areas    (s2)
  • Desiccants for non-food handling areas    (s3)
  • Filters and filtration agents    (s4)
  • Antifoam agents with food contact and descaling    (s5)
Refrigerants / Heat Exchanger Agents:
  • General    (t1)
  • Immersion freezing    (t2)
  • Brine additives    (t3)
Release Agents:
  • Food contact    (u1)
  • Non-food contact    (u2)
  • General use sanitizers    (v1)
  • Hand dip    (v2)
  • Hand sanitizers    (v3)
Working Apparel:
  • Protective apparel with food contact    (x1)
  • Protective apparel general    (x2)
  • Protective apparel (impervious material)    (x3)
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