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Edition 2 – Summer 2017

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Responding to Emerging Risks, Exploring New Opportunities

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The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is proud to be a global leader when it comes to safeguarding plants, animal health, and food, but this hasn't happened over night. This year, as we celebrate our 20th anniversary, we reflect on our achievements that have earned us a world class reputation and anticipate our future challenges in the years ahead.

Our systems are serving us well – for now; however they were developed in another time, when most of what we bought and sold originated in Canada, food was less prepared, and supply chains were simpler. Our food, plant, and animal systems are becoming more elaborate all the time. Canadians want diverse food choices, with more information about the products they eat. They also want to be confident that the food they eat is safe.

As industry adjusts to this reality, regulators around the world are also modernizing. Systems that support greater flexibility will make it possible to respond faster to events like outbreaks. At the same time, our international counterparts are becoming more efficient in prevention activities and adapting to the digital world. Canada is no different.

Even as we continue to respond to today, the CFIA is building for the future to change the way we manage risk, support industry's ability to compete globally, and embrace technology to provide more efficient and responsive service.

For some time, electronic access has been the preferred method for requesting and receiving services. As you'll read in this issue, My CFIA, our online service introduced in January 2017, continues to develop and will be enhanced over time. Another service recently introduced is an online tool for labelling food allergens that can help prevent food recalls. We encourage you to explore how the Agency is making it easier to get information and services where you need them - online.

In this edition, we also highlight the proposed Safe Food for Canadians Regulations, which will enhance food safety, while supporting innovation and market access. The Agency is working hard to deliver resources to help businesses comply with the proposed regulations so they can understand what the regulations could mean for them.

Being a science based Agency, we know that research, sophisticated new technologies and more integrated surveillance information have enormous potential to improve our ability to assess, prevent and detect risks. This edition of The CFIA Chronicle profiles BioSAFE, a research partnership that will develop new tools to better detect invasive insects and pathogens that threaten Canada's forests. Enhanced pest detection would benefit both the environment and trade.

There are many exciting projects underway. To make everything happen, we are fortunate to have a talented workforce committed to the Agency and to serving Canadians. Their knowledge of the business and the environment is unparalleled. We also know that the Agency does not operate in isolation and our overall success is closely tied to our partners. As the CFIA evolves, we are committed to working with industry, provincial and territorial governments, and international counterparts.

As we move forward on these initiatives, we want to hear from you. Stay connected with us using this newsletter and other online channels.

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Carolina Giliberti
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