About the CFIA Policy on Scientific Integrity

As the largest federal science-based regulator, CFIA is proud of the vital work our scientists and researchers do. CFIA's Policy on Scientific Integrity reaffirms our commitment to openness, transparency and public dissemination of science and research to give Canadians confidence in government decision-making. It is important that employees, partners and Canadians understand the role of CFIA research and scientific activities in safeguarding Canada's food, plant and animal resources.

The spirit of the Policy applies broadly across the Agency. It aims to foster a culture that supports and promotes scientific integrity in the design, conduct, management, review and communication of research, science, and related activities.

CFIA employees and those contracted by CFIA are expected to adhere to the Policy and the following key principals:

  • Demonstrate scientific rigour, ethics and responsible conduct of science and research;
  • Ensure that CFIA science and research is free from political, commercial, client and stakeholder interference to avoid conflicts of interest;
  • Communicate and make available CFIA research and scientific information in an relevant, accurate and timely manner;
  • Encourage and understand the scientific process by recognizing and acknowledging that scientific debates are legitimate and a necessary part of research; and
  • Report any breaches of scientific integrity.

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