Senior Management Structure

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Senior Management Structure. Description follows.

Paul Glover, President of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Supporting the President:

  • C. Giliberti, Executive Vice-President
  • L. Boulanger-Stewart, Chief of Staff

Reporting to the Office of the President:

  • Nicole L. Bouchard-Steeves, Associate Vice-President of Operations Branch
  • P. Mayers, Vice-President of Science
  • B. Jordan, Vice-President of Policy and Programs and Chief Food Safety Officer for Canada
  • Amanda Jane (AJ) Preece, Vice-President of Innovation, Business and Service Development Branch and Chief Information Officer
  • Jonathan Massey-Smith, Interim Vice-President of Communications and Public Affairs
  • C. Barnes, Vice-President of Human Resources
  • Y. Bacon, Vice-President of Corporate Management and Chief Financial Officer
  • T. Iuliano, Executive Director of Audit and Evaluation
  • M. Bawden, Acting Chief Redress Officer of Integrity and Redress Secretariat
  • Carole Bidal, Executive Director and Senior General Council, Legal Services

Others who report to the Office of the President:

  • L. Carrière, Departmental Liaison (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada)
  • J. E. MacDonald, Departmental Liaison (Health Canada)
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