Help Save Our Forests: Don't Move Firewood

OTTAWA, June 9, 2011: During Canadian Environment Week, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) wants to remind Canadians about one simple thing they can do to help preserve our forests from invasive species such as harmful insects: don't move firewood.

Unseen pests hide in the bark of firewood. By moving just one piece of firewood, pests can spread and eventually destroy millions of trees. Don't move firewood. Buy and burn local firewood only.

One pest that is moved in firewood is the emerald ash borer. The emerald ash borer came from eastern Asia and was first discovered in Detroit, Michigan in 2002. Since 2002, the emerald ash borer has destroyed millions of ash trees in Canada and the United States. In nature this pest only moves a few kilometres a year, but humans have helped it travel hundreds of kilometres aboard wood products such as firewood.

“While plant pests can be difficult to eliminate, we can help slow their spread by not moving firewood,” says Greg Stubbings, Chief Plant Health Officer for Canada, “Preserving our forests is one of the best ways to protect Canada's environment and economy.”

June 5 to 11, 2011, is Canadian Environment Week and this year's theme is Preserving our Forests, Protecting our Future. Canadian Environment Week is always the first week in June, to coincide with World Environment Day (June 5). What better way to celebrate our environment than to help save our trees. The United Nations has declared 2011 International Year of Forests.

Learn more about why you should not move firewood and how you can help preserve Canada's natural resources.

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