About My CFIA: Your access to services online

My CFIA – A new way to do business with us

At the CFIA we've been building a suite of online services where you can view and manage your business transactions anywhere, anytime.

By signing-up for My CFIA, you'll have convenient and secure access to a growing list of online services including export certificates and permissions such as licences, permits, registrations, and authorizations.

What services are available through My CFIA?

As of January 2017, the dairy industry has been able to request their establishment registration renewals online.

The latest release of My CFIA broadens access to more industry sectors and increases the services available online. The roll-out plan shows you which services are currently available to your industry.

Is My CFIA right for you?

Whether you are doing business with the CFIA as an individual, a business or working with clients as an alternative service provider (ASP), such as veterinarians or laboratories, you can sign up for My CFIA to access CFIA services at your convenience.

Find out how to get started and take advantage of an increasing number of online services through My CFIA.

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