Implementation Plan for the Interpretation Policy's Improvement Priorities

A key component of the CFIA's Interpretation Policy is the identification of areas of improvement, along with their implementation. Through engagement of members of the Regulatory Sub-Committee, a forum of the Agriculture and Agri-food Value Chain Roundtables, the CFIA assessed its current interpretation practices and has identified several areas of improvement. The CFIA is implementing these improvements and provided a report on progress to Canadians on March 31, 2017.

Area of Improvement: Enhance transparency and predictability of pre-market approval processes

The CFIA has:

  • updated guidance to improve pre-submission consultations with prospective applicants of Plants with Novel Traits and created communication tools to better understand the regulatory processes through an interdepartmental working group with Health Canada focused on increasing transparency and predictability.

The CFIA is:

  • developing a clearer communications process between the Pre-market Applications Submissions Office (PASO), the regulatory programs, and applicants, to provide consistent and timely information to applicants;
  • implementing the CFIA's Service Management Strategy which will provide a guide for ongoing revision and development of service improvement initiatives and investments following a "client-centric service". Business services will be designed to meet the needs of the targeted client groups, in a transparent, predictable and repeatable process. Some initiatives currently underway include the development of a secure electronic platform which will provide better access to CFIA services and to share information more effectively with our clients, and will be supported by a national service centre approach which will seek to enhance the existing administrative services related to permissions.

Area of Improvement: Enhancing internal sharing of stakeholder provided information through a single window approach

The CFIA is:

  • conducting an internal pilot project to explore the feasibility of work sharing between regulatory groups. A review will include an analysis of the pilot's successes, challenges and, recommendations for next steps.

Area of Improvement: Improving processes related to stakeholder service, engagement, and information sharing

The CFIA is:

  • updating its Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) online on a recurring basis, and adding FAQs to address identified areas of improvement;
  • regularly checking in with stakeholders and track feedback to continue to measure areas of improvement; and
  • developing service standards for responding to written regulatory enquiries
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