Interpretation Policy - Frequently Asked Questions on the Implementation of Improvement Priorities

Where can I access the updated guidance and communications tools to improve pre-submission consultations?

The guidance document for pre-submission consultation procedures for novel foods, novel feeds, and plants with novel traits can be found on the CFIA website.

When will the clearer communications process between the Pre-market Applications Submissions Office, the regulatory programs, and applicants be implemented?

Improvements to the communications process will be made as feedback from applicants is analyzed and options are explored.

When will CFIA's Service Management Strategy be implemented?

The first edition of the Agency's Service Management Strategy will be implemented from April 2016 to March 2019. Since the Service Management Strategy is evergreen, the CFIA will review it regularly and formally update it on an annual basis.

Which groups within the CFIA will take part in the work-sharing pilot project?

The goal of the pilot project is to explore work sharing between the Animal Feed Division and the Plant and Biotechnology Risk Assessment Unit. The same stringent science-based process to evaluate the safety of the plant in previous reviews will be applied.

Will work-sharing improve the service that the CFIA provides?

Results from the pilot project will be analyzed to assess the efficiency of the process and the recommendations and next steps on how the CFIA can improve its service.

How will the CFIA use the feedback it receives from stakeholders?

The CFIA will analyze the feedback it receives from stakeholders to determine ways that the CFIA can improve its service.

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