Service Standards and User Fees

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) charges fees for some of the services it provides for certain industry stakeholders.

The CFIA is reviewing its service standards and fees.

The goals of this review are to verify

  • that the service standards and fees the CFIA uses are in line with the actual cost of delivering the services, and
  • that all industry sectors are being treated equally in terms of the service standards and fees being applied.

Before the CFIA changes any of its service standards or fees, it will ensure that it conducts a proper analysis and it consults with stakeholders.

Completed Consultations

Cost Recovery Initiative

Destination Inspection Service

Overtime Fees

Food Safety Action Plan (FSAP) - Importer Licensing

Destination Inspection Service

  • Consultation Document
  • Summary of Respondent Comments and CFIA Responses
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