ARCHIVED - Consolidating of CFIA Office Space and Divestiture of Quarantine Inspection Stations

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The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) will consolidate a number of offices and divest three inspection stations to optimize the use of its office space and increase administrative efficiency.

This initiative is expected to be fully implemented by 2014-15. Implementation will not compromise food safety and there will be no reduction in the number of CFIA inspectors as a result of this initiative. Rather, this initiative is directed at gaining efficiencies and cost-savings without impacting service delivery.

Currently, the CFIA has a number of administrative offices across the country that could be combined or reduced. The CFIA also has three quarantine inspection stations that are no longer used, which are:

  • Monchy Quarantine/Inspection Station (Saskatchewan)
  • Coutts Quarantine/Inspection Station (Alberta)
  • Nisku Quarantine/Inspection Station (Alberta)

Over time, businesses expand, start up and close. Traffic of products change and industry and producers use alternate inspection stations. Business processes also evolve and new technologies emerge, reducing the need for CFIA staff to be in close proximity to certain regulated parties. These changes have created opportunities for the CFIA to reduce operating costs by consolidating office space and divesting quarantine inspection stations that are not being used anymore.

Service to Canadians will not be impacted as a result of any office consolidation. CFIA services will be maintained regardless of which office is considered for consolidation; only the location from where the services are delivered will change.

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