Evaluation of the CFIA's Food Safety Program Modernization - Part 1
Final Report

1.0 Introduction

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency's (CFIA) 2014 Departmental Evaluation Plan identified a two-part evaluation on the Food Safety Program (FSP), an established and long standing program at the CFIA.Footnote 2 This report presents the findings of the FSP Modernization Evaluation - Part 1, with a focus on the impact of the Food Safety Modernization Initiative (FSMI). This initiative is a suite of eight projects designed to improve the FSP.

The evaluation was conducted in accordance with the Treasury Board (TB) Policy on Evaluation (2009) and its supporting Directive and Standard. The evaluation focused on the relationship between FSMI and FSP, and therefore examined issues of relevance and performance of both.

The evaluation was carried out between April 2015 and March 2016, and examined fiscal years 2011-12 through 2014-15.

1.1 Report outline

The remainder of this report is laid out in the following four sections:

  • Section 2.0 describes the FSP and associated FSMI projects
  • Section 3.0 details the evaluation approach, including limitations and mitigation strategies
  • Section 4.0 outlines the evaluation findings
  • Section 5.0 provides the concluding remarks and recommendations
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